Whenever you’re viewing a single token, you’re in the token context. This can be on individual token pages, as well as within a list view.
Use: {{#is "token"}}{{/is}} to detect this context


The default template for a token is token.hbs, which is a required template in all Token Rodeo themes.

Token object attributes

  • id — the Object ID of the token
  • hidden — a boolean that marks a token as hidden, disabling it from showing up anywhere
  • private — a boolean that marks a token as private, which disables it from appearing in indexes, search, and prevents crawling, but does leave a page up so that it can be shared
  • name — the name of the token
  • type — the token type (media)
  • description — the description of the token
  • collection — the title of the token collection
  • minted_by — the address of the originator of the token
  • owned_by — the address of the current owner of the token
  • is_minted_by_wallet — a boolean that indicates whether or not the creator is the current authenticated wallet owner
  • is_minted_by_and_owned_by_wallet — a boolean that indicates whether or not the token was both created and currently owned by the current authenticated wallet owner
  • tx_hash — the hash of the transaction
  • contract — the smart contract associated with the token
    • contract_address — the address to the smart contract
    • contract_name — the name of the smart contract
    • contract_symbol — the symbol of the smart contract (e.g. CK for CryptoKitties)
    • contract_image — the image associated with the smart contract
    • contract_description — the description of the smart contract
    • contract_external_url – the link the original website for this contract
    • token_id – the token ID (not to be confused with the id)
  • background_color – the background color to be displayed beneath the media
  • media — the media of a given token. Can be an image, video, or audio file.
    • image_url — the URL for the image. Renders a static frame if token is a movie.
    • video_url — the URL for the video.
    • audio_url — the URL for the audio.
  • url — the web URL for the token page
  • properties — an dictionary of token properties, otherwise known as traits
  • featured — indicates if the token is featured. Defaults to false.
  • received_at — date and time when the token was acquired
  • minted_at — date and time when the token was first created
  • published_at — date and time when the token was published on the site
  • tags — an array of tags associated with the token
  • meta_title — custom meta title for the token
  • meta_description — custom meta description for the token
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