Rodeo ( is an open source, static site generator built on a modern technology stack that makes it easy to host your own gallery of NFT assets.


We started Rodeo because let's face it—NFTs are pretty fun, but it would be even better if we could display our collections on the internet in a manner and location of our choosing! So we set out to build something that generates a static website that can be easily deployed anywhere, with a beautiful and responsive gallery to showcase your pieces.
We've set it up as an open source project because we believe in the guiding principles of decentralization and want to encourage as many as possible to contribute, as well as deploy their own galleries!


After launching it for the first time and authenticating with your wallet, Rodeo fetches all of the pictures and various metadata for the collection of NFTs stored in it.

Quick setup

Rodeo uses WalletConnect to quickly fetch data for all of the assets stored in the authenticated wallet. Note: we only link to those assets and do not in any way interact with them such that they could become lost, traded, stolen, etc.

Pick & choose what you want to display

Once a wallet is set up, you can choose which assets to display—by default Token Rodeo will display all of them.

Custom themes

After picking which assets you want to display in your gallery, you can choose a theme that best showcases your work. You'll be set up with our default initially, but there will be more themes to choose from in the future.

Lightning fast static site

With assets and a theme selected, Rodeo will generate your custom static site which can be quickly deployed on a hosting service of your choosing (our pick for this is Netlify). It's all compiled with the Eleventy static site generator and is designed for a super clean and fast experience for your viewers.


What Rodeo Does

What Rodeo Doesn't Do

  • Doesn't fetch tokens minted by wallet address still for sale on various marketplaces such as Foundation